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About us

Perth has been known as 'The Fair City' since the publication of Sir Walter Scott's 'Fair Maid of Perth' in 1828. The Beautiful Perth group has a proud history of helping the City live up to that title! We used to be called 'Perth in Bloom' because our main focus was originally on horticultural work, helping produce the spectacular floral displays that have won the City many national and international Awards over the past two decades.

We changed our name to Beautiful Perth in 2007 because we were taking on a wider range of projects. As well as horticultural work, we now undertake wider community and environmental projects, things like picking litter, tidying unsightly places and encouraging local action to improve the environment. We run annual Beautiful Perth Awards to celebrate the work people in Perth do to keep the City looking good.

Beautiful Perth is run by volunteers. We are increasingly looking to work with local communities, both through active partnerships with existing groups and by supporting new groups who want to take action in their local neighbourhoods. There are lots of ways residents and businesses can get involved - if you're interested you can find out more in our How you can help section.


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