A Poem for Beautiful Perth

We are extremely greatful to local poet Michael Conlon for composing this wonderful tribute to the work our volunteers do. Hope you all enjoy, maybe it will spur you on to coming to join our merry band. If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining our board of Trustees, we are looking for someone to take on the role of secretary. 

Beautiful Perth II

An essential part of Perthshire

The "Fair City" as it's known

Where volunteers with wheel barrows

Look after what they know as home


Riverside Park, yes it’s a winner

Britian in Bloom awarded twice

Take the walk explore its beauty

It will more than just suffice


A delightful wee collection

Consisting of the three

Along the Norrie Miller Walk

A delightful place to be


Including Rodney Garden

And Bellwood Park, there's more

You can step into a time zone

Where you feel comfortable for sure


It lies along the River Tay

The river holds the key

If you should care to look it up

There's so much history


Walk along the Public Art Trail

Many sculptures you can see

Enjoy take in the moments

Relax and just feel free


You can bring along the family

Take the walk enjoy the day

Watch the river and imagine

You're on a ship that’s underway


Underway to the "Fair City"

A destination oh so grand

You will realise its magic

It's only then you'll understand.

Mike Conlon


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