A Plea To Dog Owners

Our wonderful volunteers work very hard to keep the gardens at the Riverside Park area looking beautiful. We are very fortunate in that the vast majority of visitors respect this and leave it as they find it. Regrettably there is a small minority of dog owners who allow their pets to wander in amongst the plants and heathers where sometimes damage is done. We have had newly planted heathers dug up by dogs and on occasion when we are in caring for the heathers, we have come across dog pooh lying on the heathers which we then have to clear up. 

Then today we came across a bag of dog pooh discarded in our main water feature. What makes it more gauling is the fact that there are two litter bins within 10 metres of this spot.

So please can I ask that you keep dogs out of the plants and preferrably on a lead within the gardens. There is a large grassy area, Belwood Park, adjacent to the Heather Garden where dogs can run around freely.

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