Zero Waste Perth

What is Zero Waste Perth?

Zero Waste Perth is all about bringing together businesses, education and communities to create one of the UK’s first urban zero waste communities. The campaign is being led by a consortium led by Beautiful Perth with Perth & Kinross Council’s Waste Services Team and Perth College UHI.

The campaign has five core themes: Food Waste Prevention, Reuse and Repair, Recycling Promotion, Resource Efficiency, and Promoting Circular Economy Opportunities. So far, we’ve held a number of activities, including showing how to reduce food waste, teaching upcycling and repair skills, and doing community litter picks, plus we have much more planned for the coming weeks and months. 

But most importantly Zero Waste Perth is all about you! We need your help to create a zero waste legacy for Perth and whether it’s just yourself, your community council, school or business we want everyone to get involved and help make Perth a zero waste city. 

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The Zero Waste Perth campaign is funded by Zero Waste Scotland, Beautiful Perth and the European Regional Development Fund until March 2020. 

European Regional development Fund

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