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Your Gardens & Floral Displays

Business premises enhance the City

Perth blooms with colour every Spring and Summer and the City has become famous for the many Awards it has won. Beautiful Perth volunteers work with the Council to produce eye-catching public displays - but private gardens and displays have just as big an impact. Whether you have a window box or a big garden, a few pots or a lot of big tubs and containers, whether you live in a flat or a mansion, you can help make Perth beautiful.

Local businesses and organisations are equally important wherever they are in the City. If you have a business, or run an organisation or public service, it doesn't matter whether you have room only for some hanging baskets or have large grounds and gardens to play with - you can help Perth keep up its winning record. If you're interested in hiring hanging baskets for your premises, the Council runs a scheme that can include watering and maintenance. Contact the Environment Service for more information.

So everyone, please get gardening! If you need advice visit a local garden centre, contact a local gardening company or check out the RHS website.

If you'd like to volunteer to help us plant and maintain some of Perth's public flower beds and displays, please get in touch. You'll be very welcome!

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