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Projects at Riverside & Bridgend

Planting heathers at Riverside Park

Riverside Park and Bridgend lie on the left (eastern) bank of the River Tay in the heart of Perth. Our Beautiful Perth volunteers are very active in the Park, in Rodney Gardens and at the amazing heather garden, which includes over 16,000 plants from more than 400 varieties of heather. For an overview of the heather collection, watch our video.  We have also published a leaflet about the heather collection, whichsets out what you can see there in each of the four seasons. You can see the leaflet online, or order copies by post via the contact us section of this website.

Riverside Park includes lovely walks along the Tay stretching from Bridgend, through the Norie-Miller Walk and the Rodney Gardens to Bellwood Park and beyond. The Park forms part of a beautiful circular walk around the City, through the North and South Inches, along Tay Street and over the main bridges across the River. Beautiful Perth volunteers are working closely with Perth and Kinross Council on a major project of improvements to Riverside Park. The key elements are

    • looking after the heather collection, which has a spectacular display of year-round colour
    • refurbishing the shrubberies in Norie-Miller Walk
    • further development of the Rodney Gardens

The Riverside Project is a key part of the Council's long term plan to develop the Bridgend area of the City. More information can be found on its website

At Bridgend, we have an ongoing project that involves landscaping at the car park, enhancing the main junction at Bell Park and planting floral displays at the end of the bridge. We are also working with the School Council at the newly refurbished Kinnoull School on Dundee Road, to landscape the area at the front of the school. The front garden has been transformed!

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