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New Heather collection taking shape

Glasgow Road flower beds

Volunteers from Beautiful Perth are planting 1200 heathers (45 different varieties) at the Fair City’s new heather collection in Riverside Park this week, in partnership with Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Greenspace Team.

The heather collection is one element of the Council’s plans to develop Riverside Park into an exciting new horticultural tourist attraction. Ultimately there will be over 950 species of heather in the collection, making it a unique natural asset for the Fair City. When the project is complete, visitors will be able to follow a trail through Riverside Park taking in Norie Miller Park, Rodney Gardens, the historic Kinnoull Graveyard, Bellwood Park, a newly discovered Victorian folly, Willowgate Walk, and part of Perth's public art trail. 

Beautiful Perth Chairman John Summers said: “We’re very proud to be a key partner in this exciting project. We’ve already helped plant several heather beds and we spent time last week doing some of the ground preparation work for a couple of new beds. Planting 1200 heathers in one day will be a challenge, but our volunteers are great, never afraid of a bit of hard work! One of our Committee members, Tom Lowdon, is leading on mobilising local action for this project, for which we are very grateful.

"If you’d like to help out with the heathers, or with any of our projects, please get in touch. Offers of practical help are always welcome!”

This week's planting session is from 10am until 1pm (approx) on Wednesday 23 October at Riverside Park, (next to the Rodney Fitness Centre). Equipment will be provided.

You can help Beautiful Perth in other ways too: help us raise funds by buying our gorgeous 2014 calendar or check out the How you can help section of this website.

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