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Zero Waste Perth launched

ZWP launch Nov17

Our Zero Waste Perth consortium has officially begun the quest to help create one of Scotland’s first urban Zero Waste communities. The Zerto Waste Perth campaign was launched at an event in The Salutation Hotel attended by over 100 representatives from local business, community, education and charity sectors.

 The event brought together businesses (including Tesco and Stagecoach), schools across the Wards 11 & 12 campaign area, charities (including re-use organisations like Perth Bike Station and PUSH), social enterprises and community groups, to capture hopes and ideas for the project. The campaign has five themes – food waste prevention, promoting re-use & repair, recycling promotion, developing circular economy opportunities and resource efficiency initiatives.

Veronica Formosa-Hamilton of Zero Waste Perth, said: “As Perth begins its journey towards zero waste, the most important thing for us is to listen to the thoughts and ideas of the community and ask them to help shape the campaign. From creating food sharing networks and tools banks, to engaging with schools and encouraging business to consider waste-reducing strategies, it’s up to Perth to set the agenda.”

Speaking on behalf of the consortium, our Chairman John Summers added: “We’re proud and very excited to be leading this new Zero Waste Perth consortium with the Council and EcoTechnic of Perth College UHI. We look forward to building partnerships that will encourage re-use and repair schemes, reduce food waste, encourage more sharing, increase recycling, improve resource efficiency and create economic opportunities though developing the circular economy. Promoting accurate information and securing real behavioural change will also be key components in the success of this project. We hope to inspire positive changes in Perth, which will have wide ranging social, economic and environmental benefits for everyone.”

Residents, businesses, teachers, groups and individuals based within the North Perth and City Centre area wishing to get involved, can follow the campaign on Facebook or email

Read more about the campaigh here


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