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Our Sponsors

Sponsored flower bed

As a charity, Beautiful Perth's success depends on raising funds from a range of sources. We are particularly grateful to our generous sponsors, whose support allows us to keep our Fair City beautiful. By contributing to our cause sponsors share the many benefits of making Perth an attractive place to live, work, visit and shop. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please click here. Sponsorship is welcome for specific sites, such as flower beds, for specific projects and activities or more generally for the work we do across the City throughout the year.

Currently,our major sponsors are:

Curves gym sponsors ths flower bed at St Catherine's Retail Park

Deanway Development and Muir Construction sponsor the flower bed at Curfew Row by the Premier Inn.

Even Keel Contracts sponsors the flower beds at the Needless Road/Glasgow Road junction.

Holiday Inn Express sponsors the flower bed at the AK Bell library.

Kilmac sponsors the large flower bed at Rosslyn House on the Glasgow Road.

Live Active Leisure sponsors the eye-catching floral display by St Ninians Cathedral on Barrack Street.

The Morris Leslie Group sponsors the 'curling stone' floral display at Dewar's Corner on the Glasgow Road.

The Perthshire Advertiser, sponsors our work and supports our annual Beautiful Perth Awards.

St Johnstone FC sponsors three mini roundabouts in the City, at Caledonian Road, St Catherine's Road and Glasgow Road at Rosslyn House.






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