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A successful litter pick

Beautiful Perth is Scottish charity number SC032395, registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR).

We were established in 1989 as 'Take a Pride of Perth', changing our name to 'Perth in Bloom' a year later. In 2007 we became Beautiful Perth, a name that better reflected the breadth of our remit. We still do a lot of 'in Bloom' (horticultural) work but making Perth beautiful also involves other priorities, like anti-litter campaigns, local clean-ups and environmental projects.

Our funds come from a range of sources, most particularly from sponsorship and donations genrously made to us by businesses in the City. As our work is carried out by volunteers we do not employ any staff and all of our funds are used to further our aims. Our annual accounts are independently audited and submitted to OSCR for review.

Our work is managed by a formally constituted committee of volunteers who give their time freely. We are very grateful to Perth & Kinross Council which provides invaluable support to the committee.

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